Pet First Aid Wednesbury

The UK is a kingdom of pet lovers also need to know Pet First Aid. Over half of the population of adults in Britain owns a pet. There’s an estimated population of around 20 million dogs and cats in the UK. And, a further 900,000 keep rabbits.

Therefore, it’s essential that pet owners are prepared for the worst should it occur. After all, the RSPCA helpline is called every 30 seconds with reports of animal injuries and abuse. With our pet first aid course in Wednesbury, you can ensure that you give your pet the best possible chance of surviving.

Whether it’s a dog, cat, rabbit, or horse, we’ll teach you the vital skills that everyone who has a pet should thoroughly understand.
Injuries Pets Can Suffer From

It’s easy to forget that animals can suffer from injuries in the same way that humans can. After all, when people think about first aid, cats and dogs aren’t the first things to spring to mind.

However, pets have accidents similar to everyone else, which is why it pays to be informed. With a PD Training pet first aid course in Wednesbury, you’ll have the knowledge to battle ailments such as car accidents, respiratory problems, and poisons, bites and stings. And, this is only a selection of lessons on offer.

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How Long Is The Course

We understand that taking three days to learn about the dynamics of pet first aid isn’t feasible for most people. Therefore, our course is only half a day in length, allowing you to study as much as possible without wasting valuable time.

A large percentage of our students love the setup and are ready to take their exams after only a few hours. We’ll get you certified and back to work on the same day!
Does It Only Apply To Certain Animals?

No. The techniques that you learn are transferable to almost any pet. Most people are cat and dog-lovers, and the material may be focused on common types of pets. Still, the foundation of our lessons is suitable for the majority of animals that are kept as pets.

Some courses specialise in other pets for those who want to narrow their focus. The ‘Equestrian Basic First Aid’ and ‘Equestrian First Aid at Work’ are perfect examples where the material is tailored towards horses.
Do Businesses Need Pet First Aid Training?

Pet first aid in Wednesbury isn’t only about CPR in the household. Companies regularly work with animals, which is why it’s critical for businesses to brush up on their basic knowledge. Even if you are or hire a pet professional, there is nothing wrong with trying to boost your understanding of the subject.

It can literally save lives.
PD Training

With our range of courses and extensive experience in the industry, you can trust us to teach you everything you need to know about pet first aid in a domestic or corporate setting.

Call us now for more info. Please don’t assume that your pet requires less security.