Pet First Aid

Whether you’re looking to ensure that you’re always prepared lest your precious furry friend gets into a spot of bother, or whether you’re looking to get into working in a veterinary role, the Pet First Aid training course here at PD Training is an ideal foot in the door. 

A half-day course, you can get yourself set up and ready for the qualification in no time; allowing you to cram vital knowledge into a period of time that won’t cut into your working week as much as the usual 3-day course. 

Here are the topics covered by the Pet First Aid course we offer here at PD Training: 

The vet and your role in first aid, keeping your pet safe in an emergency, car accidents, pet proofing your home, communication and care of your pet, how pets show pain, checking your pet’s health, restraint of a pet in need and the use of a muzzle, breathing and respiratory problems including choking, dog CPR, drowning, shock, pet first aid kits, broken bones, spinal injury and moving an injured pet, controlling bleeding, dressings and bandages, paw problems, ears, eyes and mouth, Illnesses, poisoning, bite and stings, burns and temperature related problems, the older dog, cats, small dogs care, puppies and young animals, travelling with your dog aboard.

Having this knowledge can prove invaluable in both a domestic and work setting - even day to day if you don’t own any pets - always handy to know pet CPR when walking around town or the park: you can end up saving a life. 

Contact us today to book in for the next available slot for our Pet First Aid course here at PD Training. If you have any queries regarding how the courses we offer are conducted, do not hesitate to drop us an email or pick up the phone and we’ll be on hand to give you all the details.