First Aid At Work Courses West Midlands

First Aid at Work Courses West Midlands


We spend a considerable amount of time at our places of work. Even more time than we do with family and friends in some instances, which is why we want to ensure it is safe as possible. In addition, to stay compliant with industry standards that govern your businesses, we know a safe workplace is a happy workplace. That means more productivity, which helps any business grow. We offer first aid at work courses in West Midlands to meet your safety needs.


Our first aid at work package is a three-day class. We follow strict standards and meet the requirements of a well-known first aid industry leader. When we come to your workplace, we will cover the following in this comprehensive course. The size of your business will depend on how many people need to be trained and on staff at any given shift. However, we recommend that everyone be trained for an optimised work force.


Aims of the First Aider

AED Training, Amputation

Anaphylaxis. Angina, Asthma



Chest Injury


CPR, Croup

Crush Injury




Eye Injury


Febrile Convulsions

First Aid Kits

Fractures, Frostbite

Head Injuries, Heart Attack

Heat Exhaustion

Heat Stroke



Internal Bleeding


Recovery Position




Spinal Injury

Sprains and Strains



Record Keeping


As you can see, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to potential first aid situations. We want to make sure your staff are prepared for any mishap. No matter whether you run a general office, a warehouse, or an auto body shop, accidents can happen anywhere, at any time. We aim to prepare you with the right information to save lives and fix minor injuries, especially as time is of the essence in many of these cases. The faster treatment occurs, the less risk for long term health issues. Let us help you be prepared with our first aid at work course. Contact us today to set up your training. Do not be left with your hands tied and facing a legal issue because you did not take the precautionary steps.