Equestrian first aid

Whether you’re looking to work in the veterinary industry, or work in a profession that is situated on a farm or within stables, Equestrian First Aid is the ideal qualification to have under your belt. Here at PD Training, we’ve been providing training for two Equestrian First Aid qualifications: Equestrian Basic One Day First Aid and Equestrian First Aid at Work. 

The first of the two is conducted within one day, and covers the following modules of equestrian first aid: 

Aims of the First Aider, AED Training, Amputation, Anaphylaxis, Asthma, Bleeding, Broken Bones, Burns, Choking, CPR, Diabetes, Eye Injury, Electrocution, Fears of First Aid, First Aid Kits, Fractures, Heart Attack, Heat and Cold Emergencies, Horse Safety, Helmet removal, Nosebleed, Poisioning, Primary Survey, Recovery Position, Resuscitation, Secondary Survey, Seizures, Shock, Spinal Injury, Stroke, Unconsciousness and Record Keeping.

This basic course is a great starting point for any discerning horse lover looking to get into a related industry. We are also adept at catering our courses to cover specifics on a bespoke basis - if required - simply contact our team and we will endeavour to work to your requirements. 

The Equestrian First Aid at Work course spans over 3 days and covers the following:  

Aims of the First Aider, AED Training, Amputation, Anaphylaxis, Angina, Asthma, Bleeding, Burns, Chest Injury, Choking, CPR, Croup, Crush Injury, Diabetes, Drowning, Epilepsy, Eye Injury, Electrocution, Fainting, Fears of First Aid, Febrile Convulsions, First Aid at Work Rules and Regulations, First Aid Kits, Fractures, Frostbite, Head Injuries, Heart Attack, Heat Exhaustion, Heat Stroke, Hyperventilation, Hypothermia, Heat and Cold Emergencies, Horse Safety, Helmet removal, Internal Bleeding, Poisioning, Recovery Position, Resuscitation, Seizures, Shock, Spinal Injury, Sprains and Strains, Stroke, Types of Wounds, Unconsciousness and Record Keeping.

Contact us today to get yourself booked on the next available slot for one of our Equestrian First Aid training courses.