Emergency First Aid Course Wednesbury

Businesses have a duty of care to their employees and everyone who walks onto the premises Emergency First Aid. Only an emergency first aid course in Wednesbury can ensure that you do everything in your power to protect people from potentially hazardous situations.

With PD Training, our first aid courses will teach you the difference between low and high hazards and how to prepare and combat them, as well as how to analyse your workspace. When you choose us, you get access to the full range of our solutions, which include but are not limited to:

First Aid at Work
Emergency First Aid at Work
Paediatric First Aid
Automated External Defibrillator Training (AED)

You need to know that your health and safety procedures will be comprehensive, and we are happy to help.
Why Do You Need A First Aid Responder?

It’s not only about saving lives, although that is a considerable part of our AED training. What separates a healthy company from the rest of the industry is the ability to spot dangers and deal with them quickly. To understand what type of first aid you need, you must be able to gauge the workplace and the risks present effectively.

A first aider makes sure this happens daily.

Liability can feel as if it’s a dirty word when people’s wellbeing is at risk. However, businesses have to figure out the most useful ways to protect themselves from lawsuits. Employing workers who are trained in the most up-to-date techniques means that you are fully prepared to deal with emergencies.

Therefore, nobody can say you are negligent. In the UK, the number of people suing businesses has risen by 10% since last year.
Mental Health

Mental health is now rightly viewed as a significant factor in the workplace. 1 in 4 suffer from stress or anxiety, and the human and financial costs are enormous. Businesses in the UK said to lose an estimated $8bn per year as a result of poor mental health practices.

At PD Training, we want to ensure that both you and your employees are fit to work. That’s why we teach principles set out by the ‘Thriving at Work’ report in 2017.

By attending our courses, your representatives will be able to form a mental health work plan that creates and maintains a healthy culture in the office.
Categories Of Risk

Understanding the categories of risk will mean you’re better suited to avoid unnecessary hazards. As an Ofqual-regulated company, we break down the differences between the types of environment - low hazard (shops); high hazard (construction site) - and how many personnel you’ll need.
Why Choose PD Training?

An emergency first aid course in Wednesbury doesn’t come more comprehensive than ours. Also, our courses are designed to be thorough yet easy to manage so that essential information isn’t lost in loads of complicated jargon.

You don’t have to be in the area to enrol in an emergency first aid course in Wednesbury, either. We run more accessible online courses.

Call us now to find out how to put health and safety in the workplace first!