Emergency First Aid Courses West Midlands

Emergency First Aid Courses West Midlands


Emergencies are serious situations where a person's life can end up in jeopardy. Situations like a heart attack or stroke can mean that anyone untrained will not be able to use an app or ask for help. In emergencies, timing can quite literally mean the difference between life and death. The quicker aid is offered, the better chances of survival and less long term effects due to lack of treatment. Our emergency first aid courses cover several serious situations that no one wants to talk about, but everyone in West Midlands should be prepared for.


Aims of the First Aider

AED Training





Broken Bones





Eye Injury

First Aid Kits


Heart Attack



Primary Survey

Recovery Position


Secondary Survey



Spinal Injury




As you can see, emergency first aid courses are an integral part of any environment. From a government office in the West Midlands to schools in the area - everyone should be prepared. We never know the true health of those around us. Sometimes, someone who looks perfectly healthy on the outside can drop in an instant and go into a seizure or stroke. Thus, the aim of our emergency first aid course is to give you all the warning signs, steps to take in the emergency, and practice to feel confident if you find yourself giving emergency first aid in the West Midlands, which we hope you’ll never need to do.


We offer small class sizes using highly trained and certified staff. We follow leading training methods as set by well-recognised industry leaders in emergency first aid courses. We will also discuss what your company or location needs that may have not already been implemented, and how to adequately prepare your surroundings in case of an emergency. We leave no stone unturned because in the West Midlands, all lives matter.