Defibrillator Courses West Midlands

First aid training is a necessity in this day and age. Individuals and businesses have a responsibility to provide a certain level of care. PD training defibrillator courses in the West Midlands are designed so that attendees understand the basics of defibrillators, a vital piece of equipment that saves lives.
PD Training’s Defibrillator Courses.Health & Safety courses.

How do our courses differ from companies that offer similar lessons? To begin with, we keep the course as short as possible. When you choose us, you’ll only spend half a day learning the basics of defibrillation, such as AED safety and resuscitation with an AED. As a result, there’s no need to book days or a whole week off work.

Of course, the quality isn’t lowered because the duration is shorter. Our defib courses also include the following:

Children AED usage
CPR with an AED device
Heart Attack
Heart Rhythms
Hygiene during CPR
Post Traumatic Stress
Recovery Position

As a result, your knowledge will be comprehensive enough to pass any exam and become an accredited defibrillator user.
Why Attend This Course?

A heart issue can occur at any time, and the statistics show that this happens regularly. In the UK, over 30,000 cardiac arrests take place outside of the hospital. If this happens and you are expected to respond, the use of a defib is vital.

While defibrillators are quite easy to use with basic training, they are incredibly powerful. Therefore, a lack of knowledge will not only put the victim at risk but the operator. Plus, improved understanding will increase the chances of saving a person’s life, which is the main aim of our course.

Many of the defibrillator courses in the West Midlands only focus on the use of defib. Unfortunately, a defibrillator isn’t comprehensive enough to save lives every time. That’s why a PD Training course includes the use of CPR, too.

Delivering a shock to the heart is only the start. Once the electricity has massaged it, responders must be able to administer enough pressure to encourage it to start beating again.

CPR is a critical link in the chain of survival and one that PD Training students learn when they enrol on a defibrillator course.
Who Is Eligible?

Anybody who wants to boost their knowledge of basic and more advanced forms of first aid. Critically, a first aid certification isn’t mandatory to join one of our sessions. All we ask is for your attention during the classes.

Businesses should consider their first aid plan. The law in the UK dictates what is expected of companies regarding health and safety. With our defibrillator courses in the West Midlands, you know that you’ll be operating in the rules and putting your employee’s health first.

Individuals are welcome, too. Today, everywhere from supermarkets to gyms and sports centres are equipped with defibrillators, and you never know when you’ll be exposed to an incident.

A mere 22% of people are confident in delivering life-saving CPR. Call us now to book a course if you no longer want to fall into this category.